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The attorneys at IWantMyPhoneCall.com handle all types of Misdemeanor charges. No matter what misdemeanor charge you are facing, we can help! You should never face any criminal charge without the aid of experienced criminal attorneys.

In Missouri, misdemeanors are classified as class A, B, C, or D charges. Each of them can result in a fine, and all but class D misdemeanors can result in jail time. The maximum punishments for these types of charges are:

  • For a class A misdemeanor, two thousand dollars and one year in jail;
  • For a class B misdemeanor, one thousand dollars and six months in jail;
  • For a class C misdemeanor, seven hundred fifty dollars and fifteen days in jail;
  • For a class D misdemeanor, five hundred dollars.

Our experienced attorneys know all the best approaches to handling all misdemeanors, from the most minor to the ones that are teetering on the edge of being re-filed as a felony. We can walk you through the process and help you to decide the strategies and steps that are best for you.

The attorneys at iWantMyPhoneCall.com work tirelessly to provide a rigorous defense for all of their clients, regardless of the charge they are facing. Call or text us today at 314-895-4040.

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